ACT is a decentralized funding platform for Activism and Social Good


How It Works For Members

Download the ACT App

Purchase Votes "ACT" With Ethereum

ACT On Social Action Proposals

How It Works For Causes

Submit Your Proposal

Curators holding CE7 tokens vet proposals and earn Ethereum rewards for effort

Users Vote and a Smart Contract Pays

ACT's Progress Update

Raised $500k in token generation event

Prototype ACT App and ACT Curation Engine complete

Its on!


The project roadmap provides indicative timeframes and milestones. All are subject to change, for example, that could be caused by technical challenges, resource constraints or unforeseen events.


AUG 1ST, 2017

1200 Ether raised from 347 contributors

First Prototype

NOV 18TH, 2017

Prototype voting app

Major app and UI enhancements

DEC 2ND 2017

Working with award winning designers on UI.

White Paper final update

DEC 10TH 2017

New white paper released. Smart contract improvements

Prototype ACT Curation Engine

Jan 8TH 2018

Ethereum testnet. Curators able to receive mock rewards

Mainnet Alpha release

MAY/JUNE 18TH, 2018

Pilot social causes will be funded on Alpha

ACT Beta

SEPT 1ST 2018

Voting on tunable values. DAO release 1.0

Stay tuned!

As you can tell, our heads are down and we are working to bring ACT to market.