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Decentralized Curation Engine

The ACT Foundation supports the extent and capability of citizens to hold the State, and corporations accountable, and make them responsive to people's needs.

ACT Fund

We have built a decentralized funding platform for social good. Causes can fork the ACT Fund smart contract creating their own decentralized fund.

Here is the pioneer ACT Fund: DAOACT

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What is ACT Curation Engine?

ACT Funds work by receiving proposals that have passed through a two-step curation phase.  Curators who hold the platform's token, CE7 (buy on IDEX), vet proposals weeding out spam and fakes, and then citizens vote using a new type of mobile app called a DApp, which connects to the Ethereum blockchain.

Depending on the results of this process, each proposal will receive some funding from its ACT Fund before being made "open" for crowdfunding. A bit like an ICO people can simply contribute Ethereum to the proposal to fill the request and drive change.

Fund activism here.

ACT Foundation, 2018

Startups raised $5.6 billion last year with cryptocurrency - almost as much as all conventional seed and early stage deals globally. The nonprofit sector needs to get out in front of this new technology. That’s what ACT Foundation is here for.

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Decentralized Autonomous Press

The Press is broken. DAPs are decentralised publications allowing journalists to take back control and deliver quality, meaningful news without controlling, corrupt corporations.

We have a pilot DAP up and running where you can participate as a journalist or curator.



What is Decentralized autonomous Press (DAP)?

DAP is a solution to the problems with the Press and Media. Anyone can create a DAP using our code. We will help those from poor or oppressed places with the cost of this through our Growth Fund. Like ACT Funds, DAPs use a decentralized curation platform to filter and judge articles submitted. Curators are able to earn rewards for their work, and content voters get to read news first on our voting DApp.

DAPs are essentially online publications built on Ethereum and IPFS where revenues from advertising or subscriptions can be autonomously distributed to journalists.

The pilot DAP is now live.

The Free Press, 1918

I propose to discuss in what follows the evil of the great modern Capitalist Press, its function in vitiating and misinforming opinion and in putting power into ignoble hands; its correction by the formation of small independent organs, and the probably increasing effect of these last.”

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ACT Growth Fund


ACT Foundation supports those wishing to create an ACT Fund or DAP. Our Growth Fund can help if you need financial support to this end.


TOKEN (Spin Off)

Pre-sale now live:

  1. TOKEN Alpha
  2. TOKEN Medium
  3. TOKEN Twitter

DAP Pilot

Here are the roles you can play:

  1. Pilot journalist
  2. Pilot curator
  3. Pilot reader

DAoact (Alpha testnet)

Here are the testing roles you can play:

  1. Test Activist
  2. Test Curator
  3. Test Funder