ACT Foundation

+ Who currently sits on the Board of Directors of the ACT Foundation?

  • Fraser Brown - Chairman and Founder
  • Patrick Storchenneger, PST Legal and Consulting, and Swiss Board Member
  • Liza Martynova - ACT Manager

+ Where is the ACT Foundation?

Switzerland. Our address is in the footer of this website.

+ What is the ACT Foundation purpose?

The purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of donation-led support that improves the extent and capability of citizens to hold the state accountable and make it responsive to their needs.

ACT Curation Engine (ACE)

+ What is the ACT Curation Engine?

ACT Curatation Engine is where CE7 is needed. It is the platform that receives proposals, where curators vet proposals, and where curators earn Ether rewards.

+ How will curators earn rewards?

Curators perform certain actions to curate proposals, including commenting on them, upticking or downticking, and flagging. Our algorithms work out curator effort and factor curator repuation in order to calculate on the Ether rewards are distributed.


+ Do you have a project roadmap?

Yes, it is on our homepage. Importantly, this is subject to change. The technology is challenging, resources (such as code auditors) often have lengthy work pipelines, and unforseen challenges always affect innovative projects

+ When lambo? When moon?

Markets sometimes factor future potential of a cryptotoken's value. In our case, if ACT does its job, the whole world might use it in order to ensure that the changes we need to see happen.



+ What is the ACT token for?

1 ACT is a vote. When you vote on a proposal on the ACT App, you spend 1 vote.

+ How much is 1 ACT?

1 ACT costs 0.005 Ether

+ Why does the Android App look basic?

This version is for testing and interacting with the smart contracts on Ethereum. The native App(s) are under development. It is one of the main focuses of the team currently

+ How can I get the iOS App?

Currently, you must be accepted as an Alpha tester. Please apply

+ How do I buy ACT?

Please do not use real Ether on our prototype. You can send test Ether to the wallet and then purchase ACT

+ Is the ACT token available on exchanges?

ACT is not a tradable token, CE7 is. You can only purchase and you can only use ACT tokens on the ACT App.


+ What is CE7?

CE7 is an ERC 20 Ethereum based token.

+ What is CE7 for?

The ACT platform allows decentralized decision-making for proposals seeking funding. It does this by rewarding curators with a portion (15%) of the platform revenue. Please see our White Paper for more details. Proposals are submitted via a web-form to the ACT Curation Engine where those who hold 5 or more CE7 tokens can comment on, uptick/downtick or flag them.

+ What does CE7 stand for?

“CE” stands for Curation Engine. 7 is just a number.

+ How can I get CE7 and how much is 1 CE7?

You can purchase CE7 on cryptoexchanges where the price in Ether is decided by the market. If you contributed during a crowdcontribution event you can determine the CE7 price / amount donated by dividing the number of tokens that your received after the token distribution by the amount of Ethereum that you donated to the project.

+ How can I see CE7 in my wallet?

You should add the contract address to your wallet. You can find this address here.

+ I send my contribution from a non-compatible wallet. Can I receive CE7.

Unfortunately not.

+ Why did I receive that particular number of CE7 in the token distribution?

We used the publicly available data from the pre-ICO and ICO smart contracts, and factored bonuses using dollar amounts. Then we distributed 8 million CE7 depending on these values.

+ What are you plans for listing on other exchanges? coming soon. Bancor we are in discussions with. We will enter voting competitions for other exchanges. Until our product is more ready (i.e. the token can be used somewhere) mainly speculators will purchase it, and they are well able to navigate decentralized exchanges. The point is that our project priority remains the underlying platform that ultimately makes the token of value.